Seventh Grade

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Mrs. Sharon Raimondo


I am very excited about teaching here at Sacred Heart. I grew up in Gustine and attended OLM through 8th grade. I was fortunate enough to attend school while we had Sr. Mary Katherine as principal. And Sr. Marion Shea was one of my teaching inspirations, along with Miss Bautista. They both took an interest in me and helped me work up to my potential in school. More importantly, they modeled for me what it was to help others, to work with passion, and to follow in Jesus’ steps. That’s where my interest in teaching, and in helping others, began.

I later attended Santa Clara University and graduated with a BS in Combined Sciences. My next step was to join the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.I wanted to follow Jesus and the best way I knew to do that was to follow the JVC four tenets of simplicity, community, spirituality, and social justice. It was the best decision I ever made. During my time volunteering, I met my husband.

After working for non-profits and having my 3 beautiful children, I completed my teaching credentials (multiple subject and single subject in math) at Stanislaus State. I love math, and I love teaching. I’ve taught children of various ages, but I love being able to share my passion for math with middle school students. I believe it’s the most crucial time in the math development of a child’s life.